Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Simpsons Tapped Out Andoid Hack!

Hi guys,

I've being receiving various different questions about the 'Simpsons Tapped Out Android Hack'.

And here is my long awaited Blog about the game so enjoy.

About the hack;

  • This hack will allow you to buy anything with unlimited money and doughnuts.
  • You may receive text messages that cost during this hack so beware of this before you download the hack.
  • You do NOT need to have a rooted device to use this hack.
  • This hack is very simple and should only take a few minutes to complete.
  • This hack will NOT work on iOS.

Things you need to have;

  • Any Android device.
  • The Simpsons Tapped Out File, which you can download from here;

Before you download the hack you MUST delete 'The Simpsons Tapped Out' which is already installed on your Android device. Note - you will not loose any data that you already have on the game.

Okay so you if you have all of these things then you are ready to start hacking.

After you have deleted your previous game of 'The Simpsons Tapped Out' download the file which is posted above and install it on your Android device. Installation make take a few minutes so be patient.After you have installed  it you will now have 'The Simpsons Tapped Out' icon, tap on it and it should work, you hack should now be working.


  • Does this hack work? - Yes this hack completely works, you just need to buy something even if it looks like you don't have enough money and doughnuts.

  • Will I receive texts and how much will they cost me? - Yes you may receive texts during this hack, however the costs will depend on what carrier you are currently on, you may also get texts ever 5-10 hours, so I suggest installing this hack on an Android tablet.

  • If I update the game will I still have the hack? - No, the hack is completely separate to the game and once you install the new update your hacked version will be gone, but don't worry you can just re-install the hack again.

  • Can I get in trouble for using this hack? - No, the hack is completely hidden and it's completely safe to use.

Stay tuned to my Blog as I will  release more hacks and tricks for Android!